Keith Dougherty is a local Orange County actor, writer, director, award-wining artist, and the creator of the interactive entertainment company, Murder Mystery Manhattan. In addition to writing and performing shows that spoof popular TV shows and film, Keith is a longtime portrait artist, working in pencil and charcoal, creating customized portraits from your favorite photographs. Previously, also a floral designer in Sugar Loaf, NY, Keith still crafts one-of-a-kind silk and dried floral wreaths and arrangements. After Sugar Loaf, Keith opened his own store, The Wicker Gallery, on Dolson Ave. and after 4 years there, acting opportunities lured him to Manhattan where he worked for over 25 years. Keith is very much looking forward to getting back to his creative retail roots, now back in Orange County, while still running his successful entertainment company.

The wonderful opportunity at Emporium Square will also allow Keith to feature a variety of items but mainly custom portraits in pencil and charcoal, silk and dried grapevine wreaths and floral arrangements, and his mom's beautiful pen & ink artwork and enamel on copper and aluminum jewelry. To keep it in the family, he will also be selling flavored olive oils, vinegars, apple based wine and jams from his sister's winery in the Finger Lakes, The Apple Station.

Combining his exceptional design skills with his artistic talents, Keith has created a distinctive shopping experience, joining the wonderful Emporium Square Artisan Market family with Keith Dougherty Designs.


Saturday & Sunday 9am - 6pm