Hi, I'm Cindy Allyn, creator of Farmbody, and I'd like to give you a handshake and a big hearty welcome. My bath & body shop is located in the heart of the black dirt region of the Hudson Valley, New York; rich in agriculture and hardworking people. Since 2006, I've been crafting wholesome skincare products to help people with allergies, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and the effects of chemotherapy. In all, we have over 20 products in the shop available, if you're ever in Pine Island, stop by and say hello. We found a new calling when a great employee got a brand new tattoo. Her artist recommended she go to the store and buy a cream to help her tattoo heal; it was full of chemicals we could barely pronounce! I knew my tallow cream would be an amazing option for her and of course, it worked great. Word spread and Hog Wild Ink Oinkment was born! So, let us share with you how to take care of your new or gently used tattoo(s) as well as your living canvas for all eternity. Making safe and effective skincare is our craft - we’re bringing an age old art to your modern canvas. Wear our art on yours.


Saturday–Sunday 9am to 6pm