Clay brought to life
Clay and Crystals began in 2018, over the past two years we have been working hard to find a niche for ourselves. We want to give our customers the most satisfying experience when it comes to commissioning a piece or finding that perfect crystal for your home.

Art has always been my passion, I began with painting and moved into sculpting because I liked the challenge of a 3D creation. Being able to take a slab of clay and turning it into something beautiful is a sense of euphoria. Breathing life into a sculpture to give it realistic effects and characteristics, tones and color; hues and contrasts. It all connects to produce something magical. I was told from a young age to do what I love and do it every day. Thus creating ClayAndCrystals, I did just that. My love for crystals and their power has been not only captivating but therapeutic as well. Combining both art and crystals is the reality I have awaited living in. Thank you for viewing my site! If you have purchased or are considering, thank you so much. Your support is beyond valued and appreciated. I hope as you proceed on your path you find and cherish the things that speak to you.


9am - 6pm

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