Emporium Square Artisan Market located in Middletown NY opened their doors to the public on August 2020. The owners Orlando Lallave and Barbara Martinez, both of Puerto Rican decent want to make sure they make Emporium a destination that will appeal to all cultures. Inspired by his Brooklyn upbringing, Orlando has transformed the former “flea market” into an artisan market reminiscent of market places he frequented in Brooklyn. His partner Barbara uses that formula to attract local merchants and vendors that specialize in their artisan craft. “We have a great concept but we also want to infuse our latin culture in the vibe of Emporium” said Martinez. They decided to reach out Juan 95.7FM, a radio station that is very popular amongst the latino culture in the Hudson Valley, to get the word out. Together they have a created a market that curates crafter, makers & artists. Artists like Cheito, proud owner of Atabex Art Gallery which features Taino Art. Makers like Tamaleria La Poblana, offering Tamales, Esquites and Chicharrones. The commercial will be running for a month to test the reach and see if they can effectively engage the latino community of the Hudson Valley. “We wanted to create a destination and we want to make the people of our culture proud.”

Want to listen to the commercial? Click HERE