The concept of an Artisan Market is growing in popularity in major cities and medium-sized towns all over the country. While the concept began with a pop-up shop for local artists, it’s now a large organization with 100 artisans and small batch local brands. Some of the vendors you can find at the market include Little Artifacts, which sells handmade lamps, and Flordeliza Brand, which specializes in leather goods. Each month, they host events and showcase handmade goods from artisanal producers.

Originally, the Artisan Market was founded in 1991 by a group of artists with the intent of providing a venue that would support artists and serve as a community. Today, the market continues to grow with the community in Ann Arbor and beyond, actively recruiting local artists and food and service vendors. Visitors can enjoy the market’s family-friendly atmosphere while they shop. The market is a great place to meet local artists and discover their talents.